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Company profile|Anhui Hope Child Product Co., Ltd

  • 1218
  • Jimmy at
  • September 05, 2017

      The future belongs to the babies, also to ours!  

      Striding sail, the wind from east Asia, the wheel of history is on rapid economic development in the 21st century, during this period, China as the world's second largest economy, has entered the transition period, the population is growing, in 2015, the mainland infant number has reached 110 million, China, second only to America, has become the second largest infant child products consumption power.

       Anhui Hope Child Product Co., LTD , founded in 2009 and the headquarters is located in hefei city Anhui province , is specialized eangaging in the baby stroller, wooden baby bed, baby chair and toddler belt, straps, waist stool, etc. Series of products research and development, production, sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises.Over the years, anhui hope focus on the user experience, pay attention to the innovation of acme, fast, create quality excellence in the infant child products, to create a comfortable environment for the children.

      Carry hope, achievement dream!In just a few years, the company has been forging ahead in a rapidly changing market.

      In 2011, anhui hebei children Products Co., LTD Was established in feixi county, anhui province, which is engaged in the production of wooden products such as crib and dining chair.

anhui hope

      In 2012, the hardware workshop was expanded and relocated.

anhui hope

      In 2013, the headquarters sewing workshop expanded and relocated, and established the knitting business department;

anhui hope 

       In 2015, the office building was relocated, and the "hapair" business unit, which is a high-end brand in operation, was established.

anhui hope baby bed

       Relying on the advantages of the famous city of science and education in hefei, the company and universities have established long-term research and development cooperation to create a good professional design team.Focus on the user experience, through a series of rigorous market research, demand analysis, and constantly enrich the creative idea, successively introduced a large number of products leading the market trend.

       The design process focuses on the verification of product quality, and all new products pass through the quality inspection of various internal and external procedures. After all the products are qualified, they are put into production of large goods.

       The company has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million baby strollers, 200,000 baby beds and 500,000 dining chairs.With more than 900 skilled employees, we rely on the perfect quality management system, cycle inspection, create efficient production mode, and ensure quality.

       Anhui "HOPE" brand through the channel sales, international trade, network sales model, such as in the infant child industry develop a broader market, have been established throughout the country more than 200 dispose pin platform, and successfully in each big electric business platform, products are exported to southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and other countries and regions, favored by domestic and overseas clients and consumer's consistent high praise.

       The company adheres to three major management: target and plan management, institutionalized management, comprehensive budget management;And two major construction: team building, data informatization construction.Introduce advanced ERP management system to make management more efficient, modernized and ecological.Join hands with employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders to pursue sustainable development, practice social responsibility and build 100 years of enterprise.

      Anhui "HOPE" products have passed the CCC certification and China export toy certification, and successfully passed the European EN1888 test.So far, the company has won more than 30 patents authentication, and has won the "most popular with consumers in anhui network goods brand", "hefei innovative enterprise", "national quality integrity excellent enterprise", "China toys and infant child products association member unit" and other honorary titles.

    Building dreams for love,Anhui Hope Child Product Co., LTD will always uphold the "integrity, innovation" business philosophy, dedicated to focus on the spirit of enthusiasm, professional, innovative thinking, to create "the most promising" brand of infant child, passing the love and hope to the world.

anhui hope baby

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