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Anhui hope-the first ceremony of HOPE Qingmiao Scho...

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 01, 2017

The first "HOPE Qingmiao Scholarship" ceremony

and the 2017 Excellent Interns Farewell Party

On August 25, 2017, Anhui Hope Child Products Co., Ltd held the first "HOPE Qingmiao" Scholarship in the training room of the fifth floor.The award ceremony of the Qingmiao scholarship and the excellent interns of 2017 would be a complete success.

anhui hope activity

The “HOPE Qingmiao” scholarship was set up in 2017. It is used to honor the work and contribution of the members of the family. Meanwhile, they should not forget to focus on their children education, and cultivate their children into adult talents.It also rewards students with good quality, good moral quality, serious study and family difficulties.

At this time,there are seven staff children won "HOPE Qingmiao” scholarship, the son of Li Zuying from sewing workshop, Zhou Lizun admitted to nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics automation, the son of Han Lanfang from sewing workshop ,He Cheng-long, he admitted at Shanghai normal university, Chinese painting (calligraphy) professional, the son of Chen Tongming from assembly workshop ,Shang Zijian admission of surveying and mapping engineering in China university of geosciences, the daughter of marin from plastic spraying workshop ,ma yuxia admited the jiangxi institute of fashion clothing and dress design major, sewing workshop chun-xia guo's daughter Guo Wanrong admission FeiXi middle school, hardware workshop Wang Chengqiong’s daughter, Tang Wenya admitted FeiXi MingXueYing sewing workshop, the son of zhang Ming,admitted middle school admissions hefei ten places.The event also commended students in the summer 2017 internship at Anhui Hope.

hope child activity

At this event, we invited ahhope staff and children, who won the scholarship in 2017 interns, children are reading ahhope to my colleagues and enters a higher school colleagues this year, the event held in the relaxed happy atmosphere.

ahhope activity

At the beginning of the event, the host nana, who is a beautiful and talented person, opened with a grand introduction to the children of employees of the hebao young seedling scholarship.They are a group of excellent students.Including cheng-long he admitted at Shanghai normal university, is affectionate to share his experience of learning, thankful for their families, all present guests to tears, share after the talent show, more let you shine at the moment, vigorous calligraphy had won the fourth place in anhui province.

hope child activity

anhui hope activity

Learn earnest, the virtuous ma yuxia to share the experience, with a song to show a new generation of students talented and versatile.

hope singing

The children and employees of key high schools will receive the award.

ahhope reward

anhui hope reward anhui hope co., activity

     Employee representatives share parenting tips.


After the award ceremony, the award ceremony of the award ceremony was held.This is a group of other children, during the two months of summer vacation, with 40 degrees of summer heat, from morning till night, the experience is busy and heavy production line work.


The award ceremony begins ~ congratulations to the little bee award interns ~ ~

reward ceremony

The excellent intern who won second prize, a young face, but also like an adult to do the job beautifully!

reward ceremony

The excellent intern who won the first prize, the excellent speech drew the audience's warm applause!


Activity to a close, the host invited our bobo, managing power sharing, Bobo told employees, should be good work/life balance, work is for a better life, in the end, Mr Bobo gives students a few words, "stay healthy physique and independent personality, free thought."Do good deeds, and the future belongs to them!

anhui hope reward ceremony

At the end of the activity, the host summed up: I hope you will cherish the time in your college life, continue to learn the spirit of good faith, learn true skills, and improve your comprehensive ability.Dezhi and long, be a grateful, reasonable, happy reader.Employees should be a mentor to their children and spend more time with their families.

anhui hope child product co., lltd scholarship reward