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Design a portable baby stroller to make love easier

  • 3649
  • Jimmy at
  • August 17, 2017

    As a mother, traveling with a baby is a "heavy load". Not only do you need to bring your baby diapers, bottles, umbrellas and other items, but you need to bring your trolley so that you can safely go out. Every time I went out, it made many parents miserable. Overweight luggage made the original mood very tired.

anhui hope news

  To give the baby the most comfortable experience, Anhui HOPE innovates a series of baby cart products to make every trip easy and easy According to understand , Anhui HOPE is a Chinese baby stroller brand, adhering to the "safe, comfortable," brand concept, o treasure to make a set of safety performance and fashionable appearance, which integrates the pram product, mom dad loved and respected deeply.

  Anhui hope take the comfort level as a measure of product standards, special uses and tough lightweight steel as raw materials, create lightweight steel frame portable baby stroller, the frame weight is only 6.3 kg, whole vehicle weighs only, thus prolonging the service life of the frame at the same time, lighten the burden of out treasure mom dad.In contrast, the body weight of the HOPE stroller is lower size than a normal pram, and the ultra-light experience makes it easier and easier to travel.

  Designers fully interpret user requirements, diversification of functions, can be hand in use process, can stand, can be, whether it is carried by train, by plane, or cars, are very simple and convenient, can easily receive trolleys placed, change traditional handcart heavy complicated image.

  When traveling, it is inevitable to encounter uneven areas where babies are prone to turbulence.In this regard, the designers have adopted the arc design to make the overall center of gravity evenly distributed, which will make the body more stable, and can guarantee the smooth ride of the stroller everywhere.At the same time, to join the contact spring is designed, make baby carriages to absorb shocks, and disperse, even in sections potholes, baby stroller can still maintained steady moderate push-pull, won't produce strong sense of shock bumps, let the baby feel meticulous care.

  "Given the baby to go out, need to carry a lot of baby products, so we specially add convenient carrying baskets, large capacity carrying baskets, beverage holder, and other functions, the maximum storage baby products, a pram to achieve convenient travel" , lightweight body design, the function of the rich experience, first-class comfortable enjoy, let anhui hope baby stroller more in line with the requirements of the contemporary treasure mom and dad.

Today, anhui hope baby strollers are popular in more than 100 cities across the country, becoming the first choice for the brand.We will continue to be based on cutting-edge skills, based on ergonomics, constantly design and develop more high-quality products, and fully support the comfort of infants.